Visual Identity design for Favie, a plus-size ecommerce fashion platform and private label brand based in Hamburg, Germany. At the time of the project, Favie was an Inspiring one-woman startup venture with a strong vision to change the way plus-size fashion brands are portrayed and sold today. The startup was in need of a strong and scalable baseline visual identity to represent the company for initial investors, buyers, and customers. We worked on defining the brand mission, brand voice, creative strategy and finally the visual identity in close collaboration with Favie's founder, Sarah.
The identity strives to pave new ground for how plus size brands are represented in the marketplace today. First we refined the brand strategy together with the client followed by creative direction & visual identity design. The final toolkit includes logo design, typography, primary brand colour schemes, main brand messaging, initial art direction and applications.
From the starting point we knew that the brand will be situated in a cultural landscape of strong ideology coming from the Body Positive Movement. Inspired by the Women's rights movements of the past, namely the visual heritage and typesetting of protest posters of the Sufragette's the outcome utilises vibrant color and typesetting with a strong and identifiable logo to create a non-conformist, honest and positive brand identity.
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