Our brief was to rethink the design of a Goodie bag for the fashion show of graduating fashion design students at The Lahti Institute of Design. 200 Goodie bags were to be produced for the VIP guests of the fashion show, and they had to fit all of the free goodies from the sponsors of the fashion show. Products included were a fashion magazine, a 0,5-liter bottle, and some makeup testers.

The plan was to produce and assemble the Goodiebag in a workshop of 10 students in one day. The keywords for the brief were; juxtaposition,
 transparency, and nonconformity. We followed the given guidelines and graphic identity of the fashion show in our design process. The design brief was a competition between four groups of third-year
packaging design students at Lahti Institute of Design.

We envisioned to redesign the concept of goodie bags to incorporate a new twist and experience to the fashion show environment. We wanted the user to get a valuable gift. We started our research by making mood boards and thought of different design directions.

Early sketching and material and structural testing. We approached the given keywords by doing lots of mixing and matching of unconventional materials we could find in our school facilities. We soon realized that the zero budget and the easy assembling had to be one of the most important factors in order for our final design to be successfully produced and packed in a quantity of 200 during one day.

Event website: www.muva.fi/koe14
Event Photography: Laura Rämö, Emma Sarpaniemi, Ninni Vidgren
Event graphic design: Tino Nyman, Ilmari Kumpunen

Stora Enso, Foiltek oy

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