Leadership Pursuit. There is a predominant misunderstanding of what qualities a successful leader should have. We are accustomed to a traditional view of leaders being mostly extroverted. We wanted to crack this misunderstanding by offering a tool for understanding the different leadership features different personalities might have and what this means in terms of successful teamwork and leadership.
As our solution we created a board game where you discover your individual leadership qualities but also learn to better understand what kind of leadership qualities other people might have. In the game, you can get more insights about your own strengths and weaknesses as a leader. But as we are convinced that you can always get better, we provide you with some tips to grow as a leader. Created in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of business, engineering, architecture and design students. I was responsible of creating the graphic identity for the game.
The game consists of 20 cards that all represent their own personality trait or leadership quality. At the start of the session each player chooses five cards that best reflect their own personality traits.
After the five cards have been chosen, players may turn them around. The flip side of the cards are either blue or red. Red being a Extrovert card and Blue being a Introvert card. Each statement has its own explanation and a tip on developing and harnessing that particular personality trait.

Finally players come together and share their cards. Using the game board players can identify themselves on the personality scale by counting their respective blue and red cards. The results are categorized into different superheroes to further emphasize that learning to know other people should be fun. There are no wrong answers. So finally by playing this game, everyone wins.

Team: Maria Kuusisto, Charlotte Bourcier, Zoe Blanchard,  Mikko Hakulinen & Rikhard Hormia
Photos by Anton Reenpää / Helsinki 2015

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