Pizza Cuts: Imagining futures for Pizza Packaging
Design a chilled pizza carton to revolutionize the way that Supermarkets package their mid-tier product. Consider the future of pizza packaging; does the base have to be a flat circle? Is there another shape/format the base and toppings could be packaged? Capture the fun and group nature in which pizzas are consumed. How can the packaging bring a new style to revolutionize the pizza buying experience? Be aware of Supermarkets pledge to reduce packaging and maximize shelf usage.

Final Functional prototype with brand concept.

The Structural Mock-up


Pizza Cuts is easy to use.
Pushing the perforation lets air enter the package so you can heat it. You can also heat fewer slices, giving the freedom to eat less or more.

Pizza Cuts is quick.
When the pizza is ready, just rip down the perforation and fold the package from the sides.

Pizza cuts is social.
Pizza Cuts is made for sharing. It’s perfect for two or even a group of guests at a party. Pizza Cuts rips in half easily.

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