Snälleröds Uppsala Akvavit. New product packaging for a new local range of akvavit by Swedish heritage distillery Snälleröds. The new range celebrates Swedish universities and their love for the noble drink Akvavit in academic festive traditions. Project Conducted while working as Junior Designer at Bold Scandinavia. I was responsible for early concept and visual exploration all the way to concept sign off and production of bottle labels.
Agency: Bold Scandinavia
Creative Direction: Muggie Ramadani​​​​​​​
Lettering: Trine Rask

Product name lettering / Logotype. Finalised by Trine Rask.
Visual Research into Snälleröds brand DNA
Visual Research into Uppsala University brand DNA, Architecture and heritage
Overview of the existing Snälleröds Akavit product ranges, the Heritage range & The new Local range.
Some of our initial design explorations in the beginning of the process