This is a brand identity proposal for The Campfire Press which is a new independent publishing house focusing on niche books on adventures, ideas, and essays. The primary mission is to (re)publish books around 200 pages with inspirational core elements that have been time-tested, with a historical place in ideas or literature and easy to reprint in annotated editions. The campfire Press is a start-up company, no books have been published yet.
Our task was to create a visual identity for the brand and supporting book covers for three given book titles.
Hong Kong 2013
The logo represents the infinity of ideas. Great ideas live forever. The Campfire Press takes great appreciation in big ideas by inspirational authors that have gone to live on for hundreds of years. The form is inspired by the infinity logo symbol and combined with the c and p creates a resemblance of a pair of reading glasses. The logotype is a font that was chosen to follow the roundness and movement of the symbol.​​​​​​​
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